How to… add PLEX to a NOW TV box

Plex is popular media player app that runs on many devices – now including the NOW TV box. This post explains how to side-load the channel onto the NOW TV box.

imageThe Roku has a developer mode on the box which lets you side-load apps for testing purposes. Surprisingly, the NOW TV box ships with this ability also, which lets you bypass the rather limited Roku channel store, as long as you can get the source code of the original app.

Follow the below guide to add the PLEX app to your NOW TV:

03/08/13 UPDATE 1: Click here to view video guide as posted by Rob in the comments

03/08/13 UPDATE 2: Plex version 2.6.6 offers speed and stability improvements over the previously posted version and is now available to download by clicking here.


1. Enter the following Home 3x, Up 2x, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right on the remote

1. Enter the following Home 3x, Up 2x, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right on the remote

2. Note down the ip address and press enable. Agree to the T&C's on the next page. Follow the process until the box reboots.

2. Note down the IP address and press enable. Agree to the T&C’s on the next page. Follow the process until the box reboots.

3. Download the Roku Plex source on your computer:
2.6.6: Download
2.6.6 Dropbox Mirror: Download
2.5.2 Older Version: Download from GitHub

4. Remember that IP address? Go to it on your web browser and you'll see the page above. Remember that ZIP file you just downloaded? Use the 'Choose File' button to locate it and press 'Install'

4. Remember that IP address? Go to it on your web browser and you’ll see the page above. Remember that ZIP file you just downloaded? Use the ‘Choose File’ button to locate it and press ‘Install’

6. All going well you should see this. Install Success.

6. All going well you should see this. Install Success.

7... and hopefully on your TV you should see this. Plex is now installed.

… and hopefully on your TV you should see this. Plex is now installed.


You can only install one developer channel at one time. To remove or replace the currently installed app, return to the browser page on your computer and you will now see the option to do this.

The source code is not going to be made available for all apps.

To disable the developer mode repeat the Home 3x, Up 2x, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right sequence on the remote.

By following this process you are doing so at your own risk.


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  • Hey there. Using your guide I’ve put a video tutorial together of how to do this. Want to add it to your post?

    The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

  • Well, Nice tutorial,

    I really hope they can get XBMC to sideload on this box of tricks some day !!!

    Thanks for sharing

  • Sorry if this is a complete novice question but do you have you load the dev environment every time you turn the box on to use Plex, or will it be there on the home screen indefinitely?

    Thanks for the great tutorial, you’re a hero!

  • I have tried this method but cannot get the developer web page to appear from my pc – and i cannot ping the nowtv device.
    So the nowtv box accesses iPlayer etc. – but i cannot access it, via telnet, or a browser.
    I got it 1st august and it immediately updated itself on install – i wonder if they have disabled this feature – although i could get to the developer screen via the nowtv box.
    Anyone any ideas?

    • Hey, I can’t connect using a web browser either. Did you manage to solve this?

    • Since the NowTV box connects over wifi, you may need to ensure that your wireless router doesn’t have client isolation enabled. Sometimes, as a security measure, routers will prevent wireless clients from talking to eachother but will allow them out to the internet.

  • Hi,

    I received my NowTV Box this morning, it did the update as the previous user mentioned. I was still able to put the box into Dev. mode and side load Plex.

    I followed the instructions from post #17 of this thread to the letter, it’s important that you do not touch the zip file, just upload it straight to the dev portal.

  • I also updated and also unable to get to the home page using browser and neither can I ping the ip. I was able to get into developer mode and enable

  • Got my box this morning and when I follow this all I see is a list of channel info with versions and build numbers. I don’t get an enable developer mode. The box did an update when I turned it on so as this “hack” been patched?

  • Ignore me, don’t know my left from my right!

  • I can now see my box from the web browser. Didn’t have to do anything els apart from wait a day.

    Thanks guys

  • […] need to do is enable the developer mode on you NOW TV or Roku box and note down your IP. Follow the first two setps here and head to the myVideoBuzz site and click on the install […]

  • Still cannot connect to the webpage – looks like other people can though – been told by the missus to stop pratting around with it now :-(

  • I still cant connect via the web browser either, and have run out of ideas to solve the issue. I was wondering if my box model/software version is different to those who have successfully connected: The model number of the device is 2400SK and the software version is 4.9 – build 8061.

    • What is your router manufacturer/model number?

      • Hello,

        It is a BT Home Hub 3… I did wonder if this could be the problem. I can access all my other PCs and NAS box through the network, so i’m a bit lost on what to do.

      • Long shot: But you could try disabling network pings from the Roku box to see if this helps any –

        When the box is on the home screen press Home x5, FF, Play, RW, Play, FF and you get into the Platform select screen – chose the Disable network pings option.

        Reboot both your router and your NOW TV box.

        Run through the steps to ensure developer mode is enabled and re-try connecting to the NOW TV box’s IP through your browser.

      • I still cannot get to the now tv box web page using up address. U have a virgin media super hub. I have disabled pings and rebooted both box and router still no success. When I ping my ip I am getting destination host unreachable from Any ideas?

  • Yes!!! I am guessing what solved it was to reset the router, but I also did a system reboot from that platform menu, so that could have also been it. Thanks very much. Also there seems to be a newer version of Plex available, which someone has zipped up here:

    thanks again :)

  • Does anyone know if there is an app I can sideload to stream content from my dlna/upnp nas box (not from a PC)? Also, if anyone is interested, can be installed easily to watch youtube videos :)

  • I’ve tried plex and myvideobuzz. If only I could find the source for Netflix on Roku. They did release source for this some years ago but it’s disappeared now.

  • thanks for the tutorial I tried putting in the combo i must have done it too quick and it didnt work I tried doing it slower and it worked thanks, got plex up and running just need to mes with settings for the quality

  • It looks like with the BT Home Hub it is the router restart that does the trick – thanks for the help!

  • […] against any NOW TV content, but in the meantime you can download the .zip of the source for you to side-load onto your NOW TV box if you wish […]

  • Hi all,

    New box arrived and on boot gets the latest firmware file from wget worth having a look at this image, it looks to be running Linux-

    Seems to do a regular ping with 184 byte payload to your local router presumably to check connectivity is still present.

    Interestingly there is a kernel parameter ‘kdgboc=ttybcm0,38400 – perhaps serial off CPU. Will check for internal console access next and report on findings.



  • Hi,
    Does anyone know if its possible to load Chaneru 2.0 onto the NowTV box in the same way as Plex?
    Using Chaneru 2.0 on the Roku its possible to stream content directly from a NAS drive.



  • love it cheers the min i got this we box for ten sqid bargin of the year i new it could do more 1 google later now watching dace tripping channel so cheers any way we can add the channels direct to the box its self and how much can this we box ie what is the hard drive size

  • Am I able to stream content from my Netscape ReadyNAS Duo via DLNA with this box?

  • Excellent tutorial, very clear, easy to understand and no confusing tech that gets in the way. Major manufacturers could learn from this.

    If you use Plex, which is in my opinion the best media server available, then this box is an absolute bargain. I use the Roku version for Plex. While it may only be 720P and not have some of the features found on more complex media streamers. It is a brilliant box when you only need something for watching movies in a regular room environment.

    I have a home theatre room with a big full HD TV and a full Dolby/DTS system, that I use a more involved Plex receiver in. But I use the £30 Roku in my living room on a 50 inch TV with normal stereo speakers. The quality of it in my living room is brilliant. Most of the time and if the films are encoded well, you don’t even realise that you are watching 720P.

  • Nice instructions – reading the above I think people are missing the browser bit – I played the video back a couple of times so I was sure – in the end worked first time, can’t believe its so simple – spot on.

  • Hi

    Just wanted to say thanks for the clear and concise instructions. I have just set mine up in less than 2 minutes. I also have a BT Home Hub 3 and did not have to reboot or anything it works flawlessly.

    Once again many thanks.

  • I just thought you guys may be interested that it is possible to download this file using an Android phone and to install it directly using this method. I have just completed it using a Galaxy S4

  • […] In the UK, Roku is not that great. But Sky TV (who is a major investor in Roku) is selling Now-TV which is a rebranded version of Roku LT. This is sold at £9.99 which is very cheap. I managed to install Plex into Now-TV making a good media ecosystem within your home.  (Guide: How to install plex into Now TV) […]

  • Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know if the slingplayer app is available & can be sideloaded like the plex app ?

  • Hard work…

    Did that for everyone

    Grab it @

  • Has anyone got a copy of the most recent roku update.

    since updating my plex server, none of the remotes can see it.

    i.e i cant see it from my phone when i select play on……




  • I could not reach the development page either using all common browsers on laptop running Windows 8.1 and desktop running XP. I tried a Samsung tablet running Windows 8.1 and instant success.. The others still no good at reaching the page..I will post here again if I solve the problem.

  • Hi, do you need to have a plex pass subscription to us the plex app on the nowtv box?

  • Get to delevoper page but asks for username and password plz help

  • I need help – When I download the file its not a zip file but a folder with another 2 folders and a manifest file – Where am I going wrong with this?

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