How to attach camera strap to Samsung NX1000

Attaching the camera strap to the NX1000 may seem tricky – but it actually isn’t really.. is it? Strap on and follow this How To to find out.

Samsung NX1000

Strap on.

As an upgrade to my ageing point and shoot I purchased a Samsung NX1000 camera toward the back end of last year. Due to some personal circumstances haven’t really had to use it as often as I thought I would. To cut a long story short, things have changed, and i’m now snapping pictures with it regularly. As with most cameras it arrived with a strap. Now usually one of the first things I would do would be to attach the strap, so I took it out of the box and… could not figure it out. This led to thoughts such as this…

How do you get the metal thingy on the strap through the hoop on the camera?

It must have something to do with the plastic things with the arrow pointing upward on. But the plastic thing won’t move.

I’m sure it’s simple… i’ll look in the manual. No mention of how to attach it in there?

OK a quick Google? No? Nobody has asked this before?

This is obviously too simple for anyone ever to not know how to do it. I must be stupid. FORGET IT.

Fast forward 7 months and I took the camera strap out of the box determined to figure it out. Turns out it was simple and, yes, I was stupid. For anyone going through the same dilemma (please, don’t let it just be me!) I present to you how to attach a camera strap to the Samsung NX1000 in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

STEP 1: Push the plastic bit down and pull the metal loop upward. I used a bit of wire-tie to ‘pull’ the metal loop upward. I’m sure the end of a fork would do a similar thing.


STEP 2: Loop the metal hook you have just exposed onto the camera’s metal hook eye.

Images of strap attached to camera

STEP 3: Secure the strap by pushing the plastic lock in the arrow direction to secure the strap to the camera.

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