How to attach camera strap to Samsung NX1000

Attaching the camera strap to the NX1000 may seem tricky – but it actually isn’t really.. is it? Strap on and follow this How To to find out.

Samsung NX1000

Strap on.

As an upgrade to my ageing point and shoot I purchased a Samsung NX1000 camera toward the back end of last year. Due to some personal circumstances haven’t really had to use it as often as I thought I would. To cut a long story short, things have changed, and i’m now snapping pictures with it regularly. As with most cameras it arrived with a strap. Now usually one of the first things I would do would be to attach the strap, so I took it out of the box and… could not figure it out. This led to thoughts such as this…

How do you get the metal thingy on the strap through the hoop on the camera?

It must have something to do with the plastic things with the arrow pointing upward on. But the plastic thing won’t move.

I’m sure it’s simple… i’ll look in the manual. No mention of how to attach it in there?

OK a quick Google? No? Nobody has asked this before?

This is obviously too simple for anyone ever to not know how to do it. I must be stupid. FORGET IT.

Fast forward 7 months and I took the camera strap out of the box determined to figure it out. Turns out it was simple and, yes, I was stupid. For anyone going through the same dilemma (please, don’t let it just be me!) I present to you how to attach a camera strap to the Samsung NX1000 in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

STEP 1: Push the plastic bit down and pull the metal loop upward. I used a bit of wire-tie to ‘pull’ the metal loop upward. I’m sure the end of a fork would do a similar thing.


STEP 2: Loop the metal hook you have just exposed onto the camera’s metal hook eye.

Images of strap attached to camera

STEP 3: Secure the strap by pushing the plastic lock in the arrow direction to secure the strap to the camera.

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  • Thank you so much!! I’ve had this camera for about 2 months and had no idea how to attach the strap. It was super frustrating and I felt like an idiot, haha.

  • Seriously? That’s all? I’ve been going nuts over this thing for weeks now. Is that plastic thing really supposed to keep it securely on though?

  • I got this camera for Christmas and I’ve been trying to work this out since!

    You are right it’s not in manual or anywhere else on the net!


  • I knew it wasn’t just me…! I feel less of an idiot now. Thanks.

  • Awesome!!!

  • Thanks so much for posting this. I can use my camera NOW!!!

  • Thanks, needed to know this, thought I was being dumb. It was like a magic trick, how do you get a metal hoop to attach to a metal hoop. Don’t know why manual doesn’t mention it either. Thanks again.

  • Worked out attaching the strap but is the case for the flash unit supposed to just slip around? Unless I’m missing something the slot is too wide for the strap. Can see that getting really irritating quickly!

  • Thank you so much for this!!! Logically, the arrow should need to be the other way for people to work out the instruction!!

  • Thank you so much! We’re all dumb but it is harder than it should be.

  • Thanks. I could NOT figure it out.

  • Hahah, thank you so much for this. I was sitting here puzzled for half hour before i googled and this page came up.

  • Definitely not just you! Thanks for figuring it out!

  • Cheers Dude!

  • Thanks for this, been wondering how to do this for months.

  • Brilliant. Could have been there till next Christmas! Cheers

  • Thank you! Was about to give up and go to the camera store!!

  • dude, you saved my good old nights of sleep with this one. I was already thinking it had something to do with the screws on the camera O.O
    You saved the day.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Thank you so much !! This was the only page on the entire internet which had this information !

  • Hahaha! Thank you! You were obviously not the only one 😀 Great post. I have the NX2000, and still no mention of the strap in the manual!

  • thank you so much!

  • Be very careful with this strap, I have a Samsung NX300 and decided to fit the supplied strap on the camera instead of a wrist strap that I usually use. On holiday, I lifted the camera up to use it and found that the plastic clip had pushed up the strap and the metal hook had dropped out. I did not find the metal hook and was lucky that the camera did not drop to the ground. In my opinion this is a very poorly designed strap.

  • This is what’s so great about the internet. Thank you for this tutorial – Something so simple but so difficult at the same time. And I thought it was just me!

  • Haha, thank you for giving me the idea how to attach the strap to my new NX300.

  • Thank you so much – I thought I was going mad! I guess I’m not alone :)

  • You are hero.

  • I just received my Samsung NX300 yesterday and was very puzzled on how to install the strap. As you did….I tried to pull the strap upward and failed. Then I luckily stumbled on your post and then it all made sense. Perhaps much like the toilets in Eastern Hemisphere swirl different than the Western Hemisphere – when in the West….you probably have to pull the plastic locking do-hickey upward. Thanks for your helpful post!

  • Thx, u are a lifesaver! I have had my nx300 for several weeks and did not understand how to fasten the strap – lucky to find your blogpost 😉 Thanks 😀

  • Thank you so much. Thought that was how to do it but was afraid to force it. So pleased I finally found your post. X

  • Thank you so much! Even with the NX3000 they haven’t included how to do this in the manual, leaving people like me puzzled!

  • i spent half hour figuring out how to put it on and found ur informative post. thanks

  • Thanks to your informative and helpful post, I managed to fix the strap on the very day I bought my nx300. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to fix the strap even though it was on pg 12 of the manual. That fork suggestion was brilliant! :)

  • thank you! i just got my nx300m and was simply mystified as to how to put on the strap (i couldn’t move the plastic lock down). thank you for the fork tip, really helped make it easier.

  • Thank you!

  • OMG! Thank you! I have been almost ripping the manual and strap to shreds trying to figure out how to attach it! You are a freaking genius compared to me!

  • Thank you . That was awesome

  • I learned this from your blog. I didnt know how toooo. Haha. Thank youuuuu.

  • Bought the camera yesterday and fiddled with it for a good 5 minutes gave up and revisited it today and I would not have been able to do it without seeing this blog! Also felt a tad embarassed googling this; thinking nothing will show up. So Thank you!

  • Thank you so much. You are very clever. I was trying to pull it that way but the arrow pointing the other way put me off pulling hard in case it broke the thing. Very unhelpful arrow. Have you contacted Samsung to suggest they give instruction in manual? Fantastic camera though. I’m in love with it.

  • Nope. Not just you…Was feeling like an idiot…

  • Thankyou for this! I couldn’t figure mine out either! Life saver haha!

  • You are so, so helpful! Thank you for the step-by-step instructions and photos!

  • You’re a life saver, thank you!
    So simple, so frustrating…

  • I thought there was something missing in my box! Thank you!

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