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Easily watch live gaming streams on to watching a vast amount of content on (including the incredible Flying Skunk Farm, unlimited live chickens and goats) – all on your Roku box thanks to an unofficial channel. The following post explains how to add and start streaming.

roku2_xs_largeMy Roku has been getting a ton of usage over the past few months. The box is a good cheap solution to streaming web content on your TV and I’ll be doing a post shortly with some of my favourite apps for it, however, I would like to highlight the following – you can watch live streams through it, albeit on an unofficial private channel. app RokuGetting it set up is a relatively simple task: Even though the channel isn’t accessible on the Roku app channel store it’s easily added via a private channel link: (sign in with your Roku account if you have a box! It willl then pop up the channel on your box.)

Sometimes it can be a bit hit and miss as to whether channels will load or not: it’s a bit buggy, but can be forgiven for not actually being an official app. I tend to watch this thread on the Roku forums for updates from the developer – however if your fancy watching people live streaming their gaming session on or want to get Flying Skunk Farm  on the big screen and have a Roku box – then add the channel now.


Twitch TV App logo

A version of the app now been released. You can now browse via Game and add favourites. Both the the and apps have had various updates and the playback seems to be much improved on both.

You can add the Unofficial twitch channel to your Roku via

Note: This post has been getting a ton of traffic, so I only think it be fair we acknowledge TheEndless who is the developer of this project. You can find his website here with details of his other projects, along with a donation link.

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  • Hey, Any chance of these channels being uploaded to NowTV boxes.?
    JustinTV & TwitchTV

  • Justin.TV doesn’t seem to play gaming channels anymore on my Roku 2 (latest model or my Roku 2HD. They used to play like a champ, but I think there was a Roku firmware update…and seems gaming channels in have all but gone out the window. I’m gonna try Twitch and see how that works.

  • ran twitch, it worked perfectly!! Roku + Twitch = heaven

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